PSI Solutions Featured on WKYC’s “Good Company”: Promoting Mental Wellness and Community Empowerment

Cleveland, Ohio — May 9, 2024 — PSI Solutions, an ESS Company, was prominently featured on WKYC’s “Good Company” in a segment titled “A Partnership to Help the Community!” Hosts Joe Cronauer and Katherine Boyd facilitated a discussion with Meredith Sitko, PSI Executive Vice President, Faith Kover, PSI Director of Prevention Training & Education (PTE); and Allison Klutarich, Principal of Metro Catholic School; about PSI Solutions’ impactful partnerships and community initiatives aimed at benefiting local schools and families.  

PSI Solutions is a proud sponsor of the Cleveland Marathon and collaborates closely with their school partner Metro Catholic, to establish the PSI Education Station, strategically positioned just a block away from the Metro Catholic School Campus along the marathon route. The station serves as a prime viewing area for spectators while providing a venue for educational outreach and community engagement. This initiative is a key element of PSI’s sponsorship, encouraging students and families to participate in healthy activities and fostering a sense of community. 

Furthermore, PSI Solutions has launched the Summer YOUniversity Program for Metro Catholic School which offers enriching educational and recreational activities to bridge the gap for local students throughout the summer. The program reflects PSI’s commitment to fostering creative, positive educational outcomes while promoting mental wellness, community engagement and partnership. 

During the segment, Kover provided insights into PSI’s Prevention Training & Education (PTE) Program, which emphasizes social-emotional learning (SEL) and suicide prevention awareness in schools. As Director of PTE, Faith oversees the implementation of preventive strategies that help students navigate mental health challenges and achieve academic success. She highlighted how the Cleveland Marathon serves as a platform to promote mental wellness through physical activity. 

In addition to these initiatives, PSI Solutions is the official school health partner of University Hospitals (UH), which is also a sponsor of the Cleveland Marathon. The partnership between PSI and UH enhances health services and educational outcomes in local schools, aligning with PSI’s broader mission to support student well-being and academic success. 

Another highlight of the segment was the active participation of over a dozen PSI employees in various marathon events, from the full marathon to the kids’ races. Their involvement not only celebrates PSI’s commitment to wellness but also boosts staff morale, helping team members manage stress and mental health. 

Moreover, PSI Solutions sponsors a Girls on the Run team from PSI Partner School Holy Trinity. The Girls on the Run Mission aligns perfectly with PSI’s educational mission and the holistic development of young women. By emphasizing student wellness through specific programs and outcomes, PSI and Girls on the Run demonstrate a shared commitment to empowering future leaders. 

The partnership highlighted on WKYC’s “Good Company” exemplifies PSI Solutions’ dedication to a partnership model to foster positive outcomes in healthcare, education, and wellness. By working alongside organizations like Metro Catholic and University Hospitals, PSI delivers innovative programs that have a lasting impact on students, families, and the community at large. 

To watch the segment and learn more about PSI Solutions and its community partnerships, visit and view the segment on WKYC’s website here. 


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