Webinar for Quick, Formative, Formative and Valid Reading Assessment

About this webinar:

The PSI reading webinar explores how effective reading instruction and reading intervention require teachers to monitor students’ progress. Moreover, diagnosing reading problems requires teachers to isolate and assess reading competencies that are causing difficulties in reading.

The problem with many current reading assessments is that they are often long and involved processes or examine only one area of reading. In this webinar, Dr.Timothy Rasinski will present and demonstrate a simple yet valid approach to reading assessment, diagnosis and progress monitoring that takes a minimal amount of time. Audience members will leave the session with actionable insights and process for assessing their own students’ reading.

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ESS Fall Meeting

Webinar: Managing Concussions in Schools



With a focus that addresses concussions on and beyond the sports field, this webinar will describe how to create and lead a school concussion management team and provides clear, non-technical information on how concussions can affect learning, mental health, and social-emotional functioning; tools for school-based concussion assessment; and guidelines for creating accommodation plans in collaboration with the family, community, and school team.

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PSI Webinar – Threat Assessment in Schools


School personnel such as administrators, school psychologists, social workers and counselors are increasingly faced with complex situations where students have made violent threats toward others or even the entire school. Many of these threats today are posted online or elsewhere.

Unfortunately, there have been schools who have received negative publicity for how they evaluated violent threats and for failing to share information with authorities and parents. School administrators also face a very difficult decision about whether to evacuate the school and many schools have lost numerous days of academic time as a result of receiving violent threats.

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Free Webinar on Helping Students with ADHD









Helping Students with ADHD: Essentials for Brain-Coaching

Attendees of the webinar will be able to:

  1. Identify reasonable developmental expectations regarding students’ executive functioning .
  2. Relate common classroom and homework problems to specific executive dysfunction such as ADHD and ADD.
  3. Learn a diagnostic and intervention strategy (“How exactly did you  do that?”) for curious and compassionate support around these common challenges.

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Webinar Crisis Communications for School Officials

Join us for this important webinar on Wed, Jan 27, 2016 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST.

It’s been said that an organization’s largest uninsured asset is its reputation – an asset that can be significantly diminished in the face of an ineffective crisis response.  Indeed, effective crisis response has become even more challenging with the evolution of social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Hennes MainPicand Twitter, not to mention a 24/7 media environment. Given all the events we have witnessed in recent years, smart schools have a communications plan in place to make certain they are able to appropriately respond to these realities – and that those initiatives dovetail seamlessly with their emergency management plan. This short seminar will give you the tools you need to protect, defend and perhaps even enhance your organization’s reputation in the event of a crisis situation.

Register even if you are unable to attend the live event and we will send you a link to the recording after the webinar is completed!

PSI Presenting at Ohio Catholic Education Association (OCEA)

PSI’s Karen Heichel and Karen McKelvey will be presenting at the Ohio Catholic Education Association (OCEA) annual state conference. Karen Heichel will present on Learning About Mindfulness, and Karen McKelvey will present on Suicide Awareness and Prevention for Students- Complimentary Program Information.
PSI is proud to present  at this years conference.

PSI will present at the Ohio Alliance of Charter Schools

OAPCSPSI’s Kay Almy, Karen Heichel and Karen McKelvey will be presenting at the Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools annual state conference.

Kay Almy will co-present on Flip Your Classroom Using Technology!:  Online Steregies to Support English Language Learners.  Karen Heichel will present on Learning About Mindfulness, and Karen McKelvey will present on Suicide Awareness and Prevention for Students- Complimentary Program Information.  PSI is proud to present  at this years conference.

Ethics and Cultural Competency for Psychologists/School Psychologists

  • ALL PSI psychologists are also invited to this training, but as seating is limited, there may be a need to give priority registrations to those with Ohio Board of Psychology licenses.
  • Psychologists/School Psychologists licensed by the Ohio Board of Psychology must complete 23 hours of continuing education in a biennium, with 4 of those hours inethics/cultural competency. This 4-hour ethics/cultural competency requirement went into effect 9-1-2014 to 8-31-2016PSI is pleased to offer this one-time training that will be conducted by Kathy McNamara, PhD,  Chair-Department of Psychology – Cleveland State University.