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VirtualPSI is here!

VirtualPSI launched on October 1, 2016! Yes it’s a Saturday but in the virtual world, learning doesn’t take a day off!

Our platform is interactive, it is clear, it is precise and it is user-friendly! Schools are turning their textbooks into chromebooks and turning their therapy to virtual!

Research has shown that online services are just as effective as in-person direct services. Therapists have reported better eye contact and better engagement from their students. Therapists who specialize in a unique areas are now more accessible. There is greater flexibility in scheduling, sessions can be recorded and replayed!

There will always be a need for in-person direct services as well as some students may not qualify for online therapy; however, online therapy is now more prevalent than ever in education!

VirtualPSI  is not a replacement of in-person services but a value-added program! A program that will lead to a greater reach of students, a program that will lead to a unique blended model for therapy and instruction, and a program that will lead to an expansion of our many other great programs currently in place!

Did you attend the TESOL Conference and want me information on additional websites? Click Here.

If you are interested in getting involved with VirtualPSI  please contact Mike Tornow, or at (330) 425-8474. VirtualPSI first programs will be in Speech, OT and TESOL!

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