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The PSI recruiting team was on campus in Columbus September 13th attending The Ohio State University Career and Internship Fair. In addition to meeting students and talking about opportunities at PSI, Brutus stopped by to learn more about us and how TeamPSI makes an impact in our school partners.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is mental health awareness month. While every day should usher in opportunities to support each others’ emotional well-being, this month we shine a spotlight on mental health issues in the hopes of destigmatizing these diagnoses and supporting those in need.

There’s never been a more relevant time for these reflections. Data from a CDC study that surveyed nearly 2,000 students demonstrate that mental health is worsening for all adolescents, but in particular for girls. The investigators reported, “America’s teen girls are engulfed in a growing wave of sadness, violence, and trauma.” Mental health emergency room visits for this age group are at an all-time high, and study respondents reported an alarming 25% of girls had at one point devised a suicide plan. In the past two years, the number of ER visits for suicide attempts in girls has increased more than 50%.

It’s no secret that pandemic-driven social isolation and elimination of major milestone celebrations contributed to teenagers’ misery. On a national scale, political and racial unrest can make the future seem chaotic and unpredictable, which only fuels the disquiet that we all feel when we watch the news. Aside from existential unease, the internet provides a source of very real and personal danger. The anonymity of online hate speech grants access to trolls spewing hostile rancor at individuals or marginalized groups. For teenagers who are, developmentally, establishing a personal identity, these assaults can disrupt the natural rhythm of this evolution, and can leave lasting scars.

But even neutral content on the internet can be damaging. The beauty standards set by celebrities on social media demand an unrealistic norm. Photoshopping and air-brushing enhance faces and bodies of posters and set an expectation that perfection is the baseline. Some social media scrollers spend upwards of 6 hours a day on these apps, and could see hundreds or even thousands of photos of models and influencers every day, and they internalize these unattainable beauty ideals, generating dissatisfaction with their own imperfections, no matter how minor. Results of a study out of Ontario by the American Psychological Association demonstrated that teen girls who took even a three-week break from social media reported “vastly improved” self-image.

No one is immune to these effects, as evidenced by the rising incidence of eating disorders and mood conditions in both boys and girls. While perhaps not as dire as the girls’ situation, the statistics surrounding adolescent boys’ mental health are daunting as well. And as the line between genders fades to a spectrum, the conversation will evolve to reflect the additional stressors that contribute to all adolescent mental health disorders. But even faced with these worsening facts and figures, we are not without hope.

The theme of 2023’s Mental Health Awareness month is “Look around, look within.” It’s a reminder that while many stressors come from outside sources, there are internal factors, like genetics, as well. Recognition that we are humans with faults can go a long way toward cultivating acceptance and tolerance. This year’s theme should also prompt us to look around at others to see what they need, and search within ourselves to recognize ways we can help bridge that gap. Examining the important role of mental health, particularly in the lives of developing young minds in the digital age, is a worthwhile endeavor.

From UH Pediatrician and PSI Medical Expert – Dr. Carly Wilbur.

Click here for more great insights from Dr. Wilbur.


2023 Union Home Mortgage Cleveland Marathon Announces Education Partnership with PSI Solutions

CLEVELAND – (April 27, 2023) – The Union Home Mortgage Cleveland Marathon announced today an educational initiative with Twinsburg-based PSI Solutions (PSI), a leading provider of school health and educational solutions. The initiative provides resources and support to local schools, students and community members on both race weekend and beyond.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Union Home Mortgage Cleveland Marathon to raise the power of education,” said Meredith Sitko, Director of Strategy and Operations at PSI. “We believe partnership is critical to success in all arenas; it’s certainly the foundation of our model. This work showcases our commitment to the whole child, and the whole educator, by promoting physical, as well as mental well-being.”

PSI will host a specially-designed “Education Station” during the race at Metro Catholic, a partner school located on the marathon route. The station will provide aid to participants who work in the education field and a home for their supporters to cheer them on.

In addition, PSI will sponsor an education race team and the UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital Kids’ Run. PSI is the Official School Health and Educational Support Services Partner of UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.

“We love working with both these organizations,” Sitko added. “It is not surprising that the mission of each of our pillar partners in the area, UH and the Cleveland Marathon, align so seamlessly.”

“We are grateful for the support of the PSI team in our mission to promote health and wellness in our community,” said Ralph Staph, Cleveland Marathon Race Director. “Whether you decide to run your first 5k, or your latest marathon, you learn a lot about yourself on the course, and in your training. PSI’s commitment to education aligns perfectly with our values, and we are excited to work together to make a positive impact on the lives of local teachers and students.”

PSI has been a trusted partner in education and health for over 45 years, providing support services to schools and communities across the state of Ohio and beyond. PSI invites all members of the community to join them in raising the power of education at the Union Home Mortgage Cleveland Marathon. To learn more about PSI Solutions and their commitment to education and health, visit their website at www.psi-solutions.org.

About PSI Solutions

PSI is a leading provider of educational and health solutions, serving schools and communities across the county for over 45 years. The company’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals by providing high-quality educational and health services that empower students, families, and communities to achieve their full potential. For more information, visit www.psi-solutions.org.

About the Union Home Mortgage Cleveland Marathon

One of the 50 oldest races in the country, the Union Home Mortgage Cleveland Marathon features the following opportunities: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K and Challenge Series. Online registration and additional information are available at clevelandmarathon.com.

There are opportunities for non-profit organizations to raise funds through their participation in the race through Cleveland Marathon Charities. Find out more at clevelandmarathon.com.

Drugs of Addiction Webinar: What Educators Need to Know

This special seminar presented by Nancy E. Pommerening, OCPS and Director: Drug Awareness and Prevention Inc. provides an overview of marijuana, its dangers, and how youth attitudes towards it have changed. In addition, we will examine other illicit drugs, the process of addiction, and possible solutions to the opiate crisis and other substances of abuse.


-The participant will understand current rates of usage and levels of marijuana potency in northeast Ohio.
-The participant will understand the process of addiction, and who is most at risk for the disease.
-The participant will be able to list 3 prevention strategies for your students that reduce substance abuse.

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Myths About Online Therapy: BUSTED!!

PSI discusses Myths about Online Therapy!

Myth #1: Telepractice is an inferior therapy model and not face-to-face.
vpsi1Reality: VirtualPSI is a face-to-face service delivery model accomplished electronically. Students engage in real-time, state-of-the-art digital platform with a trained, state and nationally certified professional. Studies have shown that telepractice outcomes match, and at times, exceed traditional therapy models

Myth #2: Students have a difficult time engaging in telepractice because the technology is complicated and cumbersome.
vpsi2Reality: Today’s students are considered “digital natives” and have been exposed to technology since birth. VirtualPSI’s digital platform provides a dynamic, yet uncomplicated electronic environment to achieve their goals.

Myth #3: Online services limit interactions with other staff members.
Reality: VirtualPSI’s digital platform provides the optimal environment for teacher collaboration and open communication with the special education team. With the click of a button, our staff professional can participate in meetings, attend parent conferences, collaborate with building staff members and administrators, and contribute necessary information, as needed. Participation is seamless, timely and effective.vpsi3

Myth #4: Telepractice is electronically unsafe.
Reality: VirtualPSI uses a state-of-the-art encrypted platform that adheres to HIPAA guidelines. Additionally, VirtualPSI’s licensed professionals are held to the same standards and code of ethics of service delivery as when services are delivered in person.

vpsi4What should you do next?   For more information or a VirtualPSI demo call 800.841.4774 ext 257 or e-mail christineworthington@psi-solutions.org.

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Did you miss the free webinar on…

Did you miss the free webinar on “What educators and parents need to know about the Netflix Series, 13 Reasons Why”? Click here for a listing of all of our free webinars that you can watch.

PSI Expert recently presented at the ISCA Conference in Prague, Czech Republic


Scott Poland an Expert Partner of PSI Recently Presented at the International School Counseling Association Conference (ISCA) in Prague, Czech Republic

The ISCA conference was held March 9 to 11, 2017 in the Czech Republic and was attended by over 130 counselors from 45 different countries. The counselors in attendance represented 80 different international schools. Dr. Poland provided two keynote addresses with the first one entitled, School Counselors Making a Difference in Crisis Intervention. His second keynote was entitled, Youth Suicide: The Critical Role of School Counselors in Prevention, Intervention and Postvention. Dr. Poland also provided three workshops entitled Non-Suicidal Self Injury: Critical Issues for School Counselors, Safeguarding Children in a Challenging World: A Presentation by Counselors for Parents and Contemporary Issues in School Crisis.

To learn more about PSI services contact us at 1-800-841-4774 or contact us at info@psi-solutions.org.



Watch PSI Expert Dr. Scott Poland assisting in Colorado with Suicide Tragedies

In late 2016, in the wake of more tragedies and more teen suicides in Academy School District 20 in Pueblo, CO, News5 interviewed PSI Expert, Dr. Scott Poland with the goal to put a stop to teen suicide in their community.

Dr. Scott Poland, a licensed psychologist who is internationally recognized as an expert on youth suicide is one of the national experts D-20 is working with as they deal proactively with this crisis.  Our thoughts go out to this community.  Watch two videos with Dr. Scott Poland covered by KOAA in Colorado.

KOAA.com | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo

KOAA.com | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo




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