Mission and Vision

We are very excited to share our new Mission and Vision Statements with you!

Our Mission is:

  • We proactively offer high-value solutions to our clients, which support the education and health of the students they serve.
  • We maintain authentic relationships with our clients at all levels, in order to understand and respond to their needs and challenges.
  • We respond personally, thoughtfully and immediately to the first sign of conflict or dissatisfaction and we work diligently to resolve small issues before they become problems.
  • We recognize the contributions of our team members, and we provide opportunities and support to learn and grow.
  • We value our staff as professional colleagues and partners who are the face of PSI to our clients and the students they serve.
  • We apply sound ethical business practices and we are good citizens of the communities we operate in.
  • We manage the business in a fiscally responsible manner.

Our Vision is:

PSI is The Trusted Provider of High-Quality Educational and Health Services to Schools.

Together, We Create the Foundation that Supports All Students to Learn, Thrive and Grow.

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