psi named Regional Affiliate of Ohio’s GEER Grant; will work to implement the Ohio School Wellness Initiative

As part of the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) grant, psi has been named as a regional affiliate to work with 11 counties to develop and implement the Ohio School Wellness Initiative: Enhancing the Full Continuum of Care (Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Services) for Ohio’s K-12 Schools. In partnership with Miami University, the Ohio Schools Wellness Initiative was designed to explore, implement, and sustain a full continuum of care including prevention, early intervention, and treatment practices for K-12 students within local districts who adopt student assistance programs, Tier II/III supports, and staff wellness frameworks.

The cornerstone of this initiative is the development of a model SAP that can serve as a best practice standard for Ohio’s K-12 schools. Throughout this initiative, integrative approaches will be identified to strengthen Tier II supports (i.e. social skills, self-management, and academic supports) and Tier III supports (intensive, individualized supports such as functional behavioral assessments and wraparound services) within the Ohio Model SAP for students experiencing substance use, mental health, and behavioral health concerns. In alignment with the Ohio Whole Child Framework, a Staff Wellness Framework will be developed to promote wellness among school administrators and staff. Crucial to the success of this project is the collaborative partnership with education and mental health professionals throughout the state to establish regional networks of support for school districts as they implement and sustain these three components.

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