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Maximizing Mindfulness

Maximizing Mindfulness: How School Staff Can Make the Most of Summer Break As the school year comes to a close and summer break begins, educators and school staff find themselves with a precious opportunity for rejuvenation and self-care. While it’s tempting to fill this time with various activities and obligations, it’s equally important to prioritize […]

Hygiene Practices for Fair Season

Enjoy Ohio’s 94 County and Independent Fairs Safely! 🌟 Ohio is home to 94 county and independent fairs, making it a fantastic place to enjoy a variety of attractions, from petting zoos and thrilling rides to exciting exhibits and delicious fair food. While these events offer plenty of fun and entertainment, it’s crucial to keep […]

Reducing Screen Time in Children Over Summer Break

6 Tips for Reducing Screen Time in Children Over Summer Break Set a Schedule Create a daily schedule that includes specific times for screen use, balanced with outdoor activities, reading, and family time. Clear structure helps children understand and adhere to screen time limits. Encourage Outdoor Activities Plan and encourage outdoor activities like biking, hiking, […]

Encouraging Communication, Reading and Writing: A Summer Guide for Parents

Encouraging Communication, Reading and Writing: A Summer Guide for Parents As the summer rays beckon families to a break full of trips and relaxation, maintaining and enhancing children’s communication, reading, and writing skills becomes a key challenge for parents. Summer provides a plethora of opportunities to keep these skills sharp, while also bonding with your […]

#ChooseWater First for Thirst!

What you offer your child to drink in their first 5 years can shape their taste preferences for a lifetime. #ChooseWater first for thirst! #DYK drinking water is also important for kids’ oral health? Find out how below 👇 When we think about oral health, we often picture toothbrushes, floss, and regular dentist visits. But […]

Ways Parents Can Boost Language and Literacy Skills Over the Summer

Ways Parents Can Boost Language and Literacy Skills Over the Summer Summer break offers a unique opportunity for parents to engage with their children and support theirlanguage and literacy development outside the classroom. Keeping young minds active and learningduring the summer months can prevent the “summer slide,” where some students lose readingproficiency during the break. […]

PSI-Summer Time Safety Tips

We all count down the school days until summer vacation, but the season is not always fun and games. There are dangers that come along with warmer weather and smart ways to enjoy the outdoors safety. We will outline them here. SUN SAFETY: 🔆 One blistering sunburn in childhood or adolescence can more than double […]


PSI- “ACTION PLANS, VACCINES, AND FORMS—OH MY!” The start of the school year can be stressful for parents and students alike. If your child has anaction plan and requires paperwork to take medications in school for asthma, seizures, ADHD, diabetes,allergies, FND, or any other diagnosis, get to work on those forms over the summer. In […]

Prevention, Training and Education

PSI’s Prevention, Training & Education, Partnering for Positive Outcomes We are thrilled to share with you the transformative work of Team PSI(Prevention, Training, and Education) and our commitment to partnering withschools across the nation to cultivate positive outcomes. At PSI, weunderstand that every school is unique, facing its own set of challenges andopportunities. That’s why […]

2024 Solar Eclipse

The celestial spectacle that unfolded on Monday was an extraordinary astronomical phenomenon. This eclipse stood out for its unprecedented accessibility, drawing the attention of millions worldwide. But what about the next total solar eclipse specifically for Northeast Ohio? With the recent passing of the total solar eclipse over Ohio, many are left wondering when the […]