Fun Summer Tips That Will Keep Your Child Learning!

Summer is almost here… and that means your students and children will be ready for fun and excitement! Try these great tips for keeping kids focused and avoid the dreaded.. Summer Brain Drain!

1. Get involved

Kids of all ages love to know that they’re making a difference, and community service opportunities abound. Read to nursing home residents. Stock food pantries. Clean up a local park. Getting involved helps our community build a Climate of Caring.

2. A day in the park

Ohio has 83 state parks, 2 National Historic Parks, and 3 National Wildlife Refuges. There’s camping, swimming, hiking, boating, breathtaking views — even theaters and historical landmarks. Many parks offer handicapped-accessible facilities and educational programs that will foster your learners’ love of nature!

3. Get creative

Engaging the mind with reading and other creative ventures is just as vital as engaging the body. Summer is the time to read books, make videos, write stories, stage shows, make music and create works of art without the pressure of assignments, deadlines and grades.

4. Backyard adventures

You don’t need to get in the car to discover new wonders. Send kids on a backyard bug hunt, or challenge them to create art with sticks, pinecones and leaves. Hold a backyard camping trip, complete with stargazing. Plant vegetables, and make healthy meals celebrating the bounty of your garden.

5. Kitchen curiosity

Bake a cake. Make a casserole. Build a banana split. Create a new drink recipe. Kitchen adventures teach kids the basics of cooking while giving them the pride of sharing their culinary successes with family and friends.

6. Start a business

Host a lemonade stand or mow lawns. Baby-sit. Sew and sell shopping bags. Kids who earn money learn to appreciate the value of a dollar and to manage their money.