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PSI offers various publications to support the schools systems we work within.

These publications include:

  • PSI Paradigm-  This newsletter is published throughout the school year by PSI delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. Our goal is to provide information of interest and importance to you and your staff in an environmentally friendly way.  Articles highlight programs, available services and administrative procedures. View the most recent versions or sign up to receive Paradigm.
  • PSIdelines-   This is a periodic newsletter for PSI’s professional staff but is also made available to our constituents.  PSI wants to do its part to protect our fragile environment. Therefore, we will be placing more and more documents online to make it easy for you to access PSI material and to do our part to be environmentally sensitive.   PSIdelines will be available online with each new edition.  It is important that all PSI staff review each issue of PSIdelines, as it contains not only useful professional information but also important employment information that you need to know.  View the current edition.