Encouraging Communication, Reading and Writing: A Summer Guide for Parents

Encouraging Communication, Reading and Writing: A Summer Guide for Parents

As the summer rays beckon families to a break full of trips and relaxation, maintaining and enhancing children’s communication, reading, and writing skills becomes a key challenge for parents. Summer provides a plethora of opportunities to keep these skills sharp, while also bonding with your child and having fun. Here is a guide on how to work on these crucial skills over the break.

Communication Skills

Engage in Regular Conversations

Take advantage of the slower pace of summer to have in-depth conversations with your child. Ask open-ended questions about their interests, friends, and experiences. This not only improves verbal skills but also helps you connect with your child on a deeper level.

Practice Public Speaking

Whether it’s reciting a poem for the family, practicing a pitch for a lemonade stand, or presenting a story, encourage your child to express their ideas in front of others. This enhances their confidence and public speaking abilities.

Encourage Active Listening

Teach your child to be an active listener by modeling attentive behavior. Play games that require listening and following directions, or simply reflect back what they say during conversations to improve listening skills.

Reading Skills

Create a Reading Nook

Designate a comfortable and inviting area in your home where your child can curl up with a book. Personalize it with their favorite cushions, good lighting, and easy access to books.

Participate in a Summer Reading Challenge

Many local libraries or bookstores run summer reading programs. The sense of achievement and the small rewards that come with completing a challenge can be a great motivator for children.

Explore Different Mediums

Reading isn’t limited to books. If your child is interested in something specific, find magazines, comics, online articles, or e-books that cater to their interests and engage them in different modes of reading.

Writing Skills

Start a Summer Journal

Encourage your child to write about their day, dreams, or make up stories in a personal journal. It can be as simple as a few sentences or as elaborate as a full narrative with pictures.

Create a Scrapbook

Assemble a scrapbook of summer adventures and ask your child to write the captions and descriptions. This combines creativity with writing practice in a fun format.

Write Letters or Postcards

Rekindle the art of letter-writing. Have your child send postcards to friends or relatives from places you visit during the summer. This teaches them to communicate in written form and to consider their audience.


Summer doesn’t have to signal a break from learning. By incorporating these strategies in a relaxed, enjoyable manner, you can greatly assist in maintaining and growing your child’s communication, reading, and writing skills, all while making summer memories that they’ll cherish for a lifetime.


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