Ways Parents Can Boost Language and Literacy Skills Over the Summer

Ways Parents Can Boost Language and Literacy Skills Over the Summer

Summer break offers a unique opportunity for parents to engage with their children and support their
language and literacy development outside the classroom. Keeping young minds active and learning
during the summer months can prevent the “summer slide,” where some students lose reading
proficiency during the break. Here are some effective ways to keep your child’s literacy skills sharp
before they return to school.

Create a Reading Routine
Encourage daily reading by setting aside a specific time each day for your child to read. Whether it’s before bed, right after lunch, or another time that works for your family, a consistent routine can help establish good reading habits.

Visit the Library Regularly

Take your child to the local library and allow them to explore. Many libraries offer summer reading programs that include incentives for reaching reading goals. A weekly trip to the library can be an adventure in itself, searching for the next great story to dive into.

Encourage Reading Variety
Promote a diverse reading diet by introducing various genres, authors, and subjects. From fantasy and mystery to non-fiction and biographies, a mix of reading materials can enrich vocabulary and comprehension, as well as maintain engagement.

Use Technology Wisely

Incorporate educational apps and e-books that focus on language and literacy skills. While screen time should be monitored, interactive and educational tools can make learning fun and reinforce reading skills.

Write Together

Encourage your child to keep a summer journal or write letters to family members or friends. Writing not only helps kids practice putting their thoughts into words but also enhances grammar and spelling skills.

Play Language Games

Engage in word games, crossword puzzles, or Scrabble-like board games. These games can build vocabulary, spelling, and phonemic awareness while providing a fun family activity.

Discuss What You Read and Watch

Talk about books, movies, or TV shows with your child to develop comprehension and critical thinking. Ask questions that prompt them to think about the story, characters, and themes. This can lead to improved understanding and the ability to articulate their thoughts.

Integrating learning into summertime fun doesn’t have to be a chore. By following these tips, parents can provide valuable support for their child’s language and literacy development, preparing them for success when the new school year begins.

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