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psych1Psychological Services

Maximizing student success

PSI’s comprehensive psychology programs are another key part of the services we provide. We participate in a multi-factored group process from the outset, suggesting innovative interventions for children with diverse educational needs. PSI also assists with evaluation to determine special education eligibility, constantly staying updated on current state guidelines for special education and the requisite paperwork required for these guidelines.

PSI evaluates, intervenes with, and/or counsels over 6,000 students yearly!

PSI provides individual and group counseling, classroom programming, inclusionary assistance, behavior intervention, skill training, and staff development. Our educational services focus on improving academic performance while promoting positive learning experiences.

psych2More about our Psychology Program

We maintain an important role with the Intervention Assistance Team, bringing expertise and, at the same time, developing data-driven interventions, progress monitoring, and assessment. Note also that our programs are funded through state and federal budget allocations.

Team PSI is constantly involved with professional development, allowing us to be at the cutting edge of modern service delivery. We are a proud and active member of the Ohio School Psychologists Association (OSPA).

Meet Julie Wood, Ph.D.-  Educational Support Services Manager

Julie Wood Ph.D. is the Manager of PSI’s Department of Educational Support Services and is the primary administrator for all of PSI’s Psychological Services. Julie reports directly to Dr Colleen Lorber, the Executive Director of Client Services for PSI.  Julie is a graduate of Kent State University’s Department of School Psychology and will soon be completing her Ph.D. in School Psychology.  In addition to working with staff, Julie also conducts Special Education Audits, coordinates services with school representatives and is a frequent presenter on topics such as RTI, PBS, Classroom Management, & Enhancing IAT and ETR Team Effectiveness. Julie can be reached at 1-800-841-4774, extension 248.

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