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Peterson Autism Scholarship

Peterson/Autism Scholarship

Peterson Autism ScholarshipThe Ohio Department of Education offers state scholarships for students with special needs and the Peterson Autism Scholarship is an important one. Students with autism can participate in the Autism Scholarship Program, and any student with a disability (including those with autism) can participate in the Jon Peterson Scholarship Program. Funds must be used to provide direct educational services to students who qualify.

PSI works with schools to support students who qualify for either the Autism Scholarship or the Jon Peterson Scholarship. PSI is a scholarship provider, so schools do not need to become providers in order to have scholarship students in attendance. However, schools that choose to become providers can still work with PSI for staffing, consultation, budgeting, and compliance.

Please contact PSI if you would like more information below about state scholarship programs.

So, what does the Peterson Autism Scholarship mean?

  • Parents will now have the chance to find the education setting that is most appropriate for their child.
  • Students with disabilities will now have access to options tailored to their special needs – either truly mainstream environments or specialized schools.
  • Rather than having to fight through a lengthy legal process to secure services their child needs when his or her public school isn’t working, families will now be able to direct part of the tax dollars already set aside for their child’s education to the school of their choice.

Named for the special education advocate and former Representative Jon Peterson who also helped create the Autism Scholarship, this new scholarship will build on the success of its predecessor.

While many of the details are still being worked out, the scholarship began in the 2012-13 school year.  PSI has organized programs to help with the multiple  efforts educators and parents may need to purse the Peterson Autism Scholarship.

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