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 PSI Paradigm is published throughout the school year by PSI delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. Our goal is to provide information of interest and importance to you and your staff in an environmentally friendly way. Articles highlight programs, available services and administrative procedures. Previous printed versions are available below. View all of the Paradigms below or 
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View (PDF) of PSI’s Newest Edition of Paradigm: PSI Students Matter [January 2018] – download now.

students matter

In this issue…

–  Cyberbullying Webinar

–  What parents need to know about Teen addiction!

–  How to help your special needs child!

–  How to teach organizational skills to kids with ADHD!

–  High Nicotine E-cigs up the chances of teens becoming smokers!



View (PDF) PSI’s Newest Edition of Paradigm: PSI Digital Matters [November/December 2017] – download now.

Paradeigm Digital MattersThumb

In this issue…

–  The Pros and Cons of Classroom Devices

–  E- Learning: The Upside!

–  This Month’s Must Know Tools!

–  PSI Now Has a Mobile App!

–  Social Media:  The World of Networking!

–  How to Help Your Parents In the Digital Age

–  Understanding Tele-therapy services in today’s schools


View (PDF) PSI’s May Edition of Paradigm: PSI Matters [May 2017] – download now.

jan psidelines 17

– PSI  =  Partners + Success + Innovation

– Bringing Reading Fluency to Life

– Keep Schools Safe

– PSI Provides Partner Schools
   with Opiate Crisis Information

– PSI’s Ashley Haas

– PSI’s Mobile App is Coming!


View (PDF) PSI’s Newest Edition of Paradigm: Resources Matter [January 2017] – download now.

jan psidelines 17


-New Legislation for 2017-2018

-Dealing with Drug Abuse

-Suicide Prevention and Intervention

-Meet Robin Caston Manager of our Jon Peterson Program

-Implementing Direct Instruction in Today’s Classroom


View (PDF) PSI’s Newest Edition of Paradigm: Special Needs Matter [October 2016] – download now.


-PSI’s LPN saves student’s life

-PSI has added one-to-one nursing services

-Practicing Mindfulness in your school

-Can meditation practice really help kids be less anxious and more focused 

-Dealing with Stress in our daily and work lives

-The Friendship Circle 

-Give your students a technological advantage

-VirtualPSI is here 

 View (PDF) PSI’s Newest Edition of Paradigm: PSI Matters [June 2016] – download now.


-Virtual PSI coming Fall 2016

-Mandarin Language Success at Walsh Jesuit High School

-PSI offers Innovative Program: Lunch n’ Learn

-X-Out Bullying at St. Francis Xavier

-St. Joan of Arc launches reading initiative

-LifeAct Receives 2016 Nonprofit Excellence Award

-In honor of Sister Bernadette 

-PSI’s First Partner: The Diocese of Cleveland

View (PDF) PSI’s Newest Edition of Paradigm: Health Matters [January 2016] – download now.



-PSI’s own LPN save student’s life

-Biggest Loser competition for the staff in three of our schools

-What Health Staff needs to know about Special Education Disabilities

-Horizon Science Academy goes Pink for a purpose

-PSI has teamed with LifeAct to provide Suicide Prevention and Education Classes





View (PDF) PSI’s Newest Edition of Paradigm: Commitment Matters [September 2015] – download now.

-Commitment to a Cause: Suicide Prevention and Education

-Committed School Administrator: Rick Dillman

-Committed PSI Employee: Kelly Hickey

-Committed Parent: Kelly Davidson



View (PDF) Professional Development Matters [Winter 2015] – download now.

-Health Professionals as Partners in Suicide Prevention

-Laying the Foundation for Reading Success

-Understanding the OT’s Role in the School Setting




View (PDF) Health Matters [Spring 2014] – download now.

-Find out about PSICertify, PSI’s new division

-Going above and beyond for a student with Alopecia.

-PSI Health Screenings Program



View (PDF) Special Education Matters [Autumn 2013] – download now.

-The 4th R, Fostering Resiliency in Special Education Students

-Maximizing Positive Behavior

-Advancement in Autism Science


Paradigm_Spring2013View (PDF) Expertise Matters [Spring 2013] – download now.

Includes information on:
– Improving Reading is Easier than You Think
– Crisis Team Training
– PSI’s Bilingual Services
– Improving Math Scores

Paradigm_Jan2013View (PDF) Health Matters [January 2013] – download now.

Includes information on:
-Healthy Weighs
-The Aftermath of the Sandy Hook School Tragedy
-Meet PSI’s Lisa Greene
-PSI Health Training Meeting
-PSI Announces NEW Special Needs Division
-Promoting School Health

Paradigm_Oct2012View (PDF) Special Education Matters [October 2012] – download now.

Includes information on:
-Team PSI Delivers Presentations For University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children Pediatric Residents Grand Rounds
-PSI introduces NEW School Health Special Needs Division!
PSI Supports Peterson Scholarship Schools
-PSI’s Annual Fall Training Program
-It’s Good News At Horizon Science Academy
-Two Schools Implement Comprehensive Anti-Bullying Programs

Paradigm_April2012View (PDF) Prevention Matters [April 2012] – download now.

Includes information on:
-A frank discussion with Dr. Scott Poland, Ed.D. internationally recognized for his work on suicide and bullying prevention
-The aftermath of Chardon
-Bullies to Buddies Victim Prevention Program
-Role Plays Teaches Positive Ways to Stop Bullying
-Bus Driver Training Needs To Be More Comprehensive

Paradigm_Jan2012View (PDF) Health Matters [January 2012] – download now.

Includes information on:
Stepping toward Excellence featuring Chad Carr from Columbus Prepatory Academy 

-Protect yourself against frostbite
-Head lice and bed bugs
-Student Wellness Program
-PSI’s school web based service

Paradigm_Summer2011View (PDF) Marketing Matters [Summer 2011] – download now.

Includes information on:
-New PSI Pilots
-Tips to market your school
-Fundraising techniques
-Contest for your school 

Paradigm_May2011View (PDF) Health Matters [May 2011] – Download now.

Includes information on:
-Stay Safe, Be Smart & Follow the Rules! Summer Safety
-Making Wellness Work
-Health Education Standards

-PSI Spotlight

Paradigm_Feb2011View (PDF) & Download the February 2011 Version of Paradigm: Health Matters

Includes information on:
Healthy Choices: Up and Running…
The Challenge: Health and Wellness in Your School!
The Challenge: Portion Control
School Health Facts, STAT!
Weighing in on Sleep

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